Sarpa Salpa – Another Life

This brand new tune from Northampton indie-pop outfit Sarpa Salpa emanates danceable rhythms, and further enhances their reputation for creating feel-good tunes. Driven along by the prominent glittery keys, Another Life oozes vibrant pop vibes, with the groove of the bass and drums driving a real funkiness into the beats to complete a real concoction sounds.

Despite its jangling beats and heavenly rhythms though, there is a melancholic message lurking beneath. Hidden amongst the unwaveringly peaceful instrumentals we hear a tale of unrequited love, and the idea living of living blissfully in ignorance of it. It’s this that gives the track real depth, what makes it more than a pop song. There is in fact real emotion in the writing, all put across through floaty vocals, further camouflaging the actual hint of sadness within.

The prominent guitar riff which pulses in and out in the latter trapping of the song serves to remove any lingering doubts of the quality of precision they have in their songwriting, adding yet another element into their already bursting sound. To maintain such a tight sound whilst also packing it full of such noise is perhaps the most commendable thing that Sarpa Salpa can do.

It has to be said that on the indie-pop scale this one is more pop than indie at times in sound at least, but that is no slight on its brilliance. The disconnect between its sound and its meaning is one which adds many extra layers their sound, and far from being seen as ‘another dancey indie track’ it should be appreciated for the depth and reality they have crammed into it.

📸 Credit – David Jackson