SAUCE – All Of Us

All Of Us stays true to it’s genre without getting too wanky.

With a much appreciated lack of masturbatory guitar solos, SAUCE deliver a series of riffs which are solid, recognisable variants on classic rock staples. The production is faithful to those massive acts of the 70’s that we all know and love. SAUCE find themselves not quite spoofy Wolfmother, appearing as a jollier Graveyard. This might happen to be the kind of thing a band plays with their eyes closed. It also might happen to be for slightly unadventurous people in H&M Led Zep t-shirts. It is however – a faithful, well executed recreation of that well loved 70’s style, with a fair share of earworms.

Nowadays it’s difficult to step into this specific genre without sounding a bit like a parody, but SAUCE’s video proves them self-aware. It’s all good fun – blown out of proportion. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a music video featuring a car driving through a desert. I’d like to propose a game where you trace the lineage of this – starting with The Cardigans, ending somewhere around ‘Stylo’.

In this case, SAUCE has harnessed super-high-tech-never-before-used quantum computing to create a universe where Wii Mii avatars fly around in a rocket propelled Cadillac. A family-friendly reenactment of QOTSA’s Go With The Flow video lifted from another universe where they embark on a whimsical made-for-TV cartoon road trip.

All Of Us is a pleasant, hopeful hit of nostalgia. For those of you who can’t remember what driving a car feels like – the video encapsulates the feeling of freedom you’ll feel the next time you hit the M62. I promise. I don’t promise.