Sauce : Sister Brother

Manchester quartet are stripping things back to the basics of grit-filled rock’n’roll. Uplifting their way to the top, the powerful four-piece are honest with their tunes and have their own distinctive sound to go with it.

With only being a band for a couple of years, Sauce have a comfortable discography sat behind them. Now with the return of the band new single “Sister Brother”, the end of 2019 is set to be the best few months for the band. Returning to the recording studio, Sauce are set to unleash more releases from their repertoire.

Marrying power riffs and soaring vocals throughout the number, the new single sticks to it’s roots and history by keeping a refreshing sound. Modernised and with it’s own unique take, the screeching guitar solo that comes straight after halfway inherits a vintage tone to it’s core. It’s like Rival Sons met Led Zeppelin and created the lovechild of Sauce.

Heading out of tour between October and December, the band are set to support Twisted Wheel on three UK tour dates before ending the year with a headline show at YES Basement. If these guys are live in your neck of the woods, don’t be that person that stays in and watches Netflix, get out there and see these guys live.