Saving Face – Eyes.On.Me

Shaking the walls from all the way from their home of Stoke-on-Trent, Saving Face release their second single ‘Eyes.on.me’.

Commencing with seriously distorted, overdriven guitars, the track immediately shows itself as an obvious hard-rock track. The music feels like a very early attempt from the band at a thrashy rock song, hitting stereotypical nails on the head straight from the beginning. An abundance of fuzz, thrashing cymbals and overloaded build-ups do indeed sound exciting, but the predictability soon takes over and the attempted impact dissipates.

The track’s vocals feel as if they’re struggling a little to compete with the erraticism of the music, sounding a little strained when trying to reach certain notes. They do, however, hold a slight similarity to Panic! At The Disco’s Brenden Urie, if he had opted for a genre heavier than pop.

The chorus of the track does feel more exciting than the intro and the verse but again, by time you’re halfway through everything from the vocal melody, guitar tones and even the drumbeats feel just too familiar already.

The track itself is a decent listen and if it had been released a matter of years ago would have really stuck out in the world of heavier music, but now feels as if it blends in a little too much with existing artists. It would have been interesting to see the band really push the boundaries of the music and try a more experimental approach to the genre instead of safely sticking within their comfort zone.

This being said, it is only the band’s second single. They have nailed the sound of hard rock to a tee and have proved they have strong base to build their individual sound upon in their future creations.