Canadian-based alternative rock band Savonarola’s new single “Byrds Gone Bad” is a post-apocalyptic banger packed with soulful, psychedelic guitar and building tension reflecting the hopeless nature of climate change and the anxiety many hold about the future of our planet.  

Beginning with broken-up guitar rhythms mirrored by the vocal pattern that accompanies them there is an instant sense of tension and build-up as soon as this track starts. Emphasised by the use of foreboding lyricism telling of the end of the human race and operatic vocal harmonies which dramatically switch up from the gravelly tone of the main vocals of the track this single is filled with a variety of sound which makes it feel longer than its duration lasts in a way which keeps the listener engaged and on their toes.  

As well as being tense and choppy “Byrds Gone Bad” has a dream-like and other-worldly quality, which adds to its dystopian feel. The use of echoing vocals and sonorous reverb gives the track more of a diversity of sound and emulates the feelings of disillusionment and nightmarish catastrophe the track deals with.

The sounds in this track merge together in a murky and dark manner which is almost confusing to listen to, at points, you can barely make out what the dimmed vocals are saying underneath the layers of kaleidoscopic guitar that floats over it but this is by no means unintentional.

This clever production choice adds a sense of mystery and uncertainty to a track that reflects our world’s uncertain future.  

With exciting twists and turns, thoughtful production and cohesive sound “Byrds Gone Bad proves Savonarola is one to keep an eye on.