We review the new single from Saytr Play : Honest Man

Having heard a lot about Saytr Play I was eager to hear this song. Their reputation is kinda fierce.

Unfortunately this single is not. Standard indie fodder aplenty, and seemingly a song to the lead singers partner on how they will make him a more complete person, if they ‘take my hand, for you I’d be an honest man’. Very gallant Sir, but a bit wet.

Also never trust anything a lead singer says to you. It’s probably a lie, and he’s trying to shag you.  I did see the band play live (Ynot 2019) and I can confirm these guys are onto something rather good so please take this review with a pich of salt.

A tiny snapshot of a band probably on their way to somewhere very cool and shiny. I look forward to their next single for sure. Just hoping its an improvement on this one. Doubt they’ll let me review it though.

A band who’ll probably be massive next week while I’ll still be eating Aldi beans on toast. The world is a crazy, crazy place pop kids. Over and out.

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