We review the new single from Saytr Play -Second Hand Emotion

Manchester indie-pop band, Saytr Play, have smashed it out the park with their latest single, ‘Second Hand Emotion’. They have cracked the code in creating a tune that has a powerful message and makes you want to dance about like no one’s watching.

Straight from the off ‘Second Hand Emotion’ has you tapping your foot to beat and by the end you will have had a full body workout dancing around to the infectious rhythm and groovy bassline. The song has me dancing about even while I’m writing this review.

The song has great preacher vibe to it, you can imagine an adoring crowd hanging on every word while the music takes over their bodies and makes them dance. This is made possible by great timing throughout the band and is perfectly seen in the drops to just bass and vocals creating an intense focus on the lyrics before exploding back into the unstoppable rhythm.

The band is right to focus on their lyrics as they talk about the chaotic situation the world is in nowadays and try to make sense of it all. They sing about the chaos being caused by people in power and how it feels like its out of our control to do anything about it. It’s a powerful message that sums up today’s society.

The chorus asks us ‘what are we living for?’ and I can safely save we are living for more music like ‘Second Hand Emotion’. They are right, it’s a crazy world but if Saytr Play can keep producing songs like this, I’m sure the world will be a little brighter.