Scarlet – Bring Me Down

Igniting with an unmistakable air of fierce femme attitude, Scarlet’s ‘Bring Me Down’ erupts with a fiery energy of distortion and hard-hitting rocky beats.

Bring Me Down’ captures the nostalgic air of Avril Lavigne’s noughties success in a catchy and modern style, reawakening the wannabe punk rockers inside all of us. The clarion vocals have a dreamy, pop style tone to their sound- one of which I’d be apprehensive pairing with heavy instrumentation, however, Scarlet have flawlessly proved me otherwise.

Though delicate, the vocals certainly have a punch to them, allowing them to lead over the music without an issue. The contrasting textures between them and the heavy effects create a cool uniqueness, showing that not every element in a heavy song must follow suit.

The band have incorporated numerous influences and styles into their latest single. Combining complimentary elements of pop, grunge, punk and indie rock into one, ‘Bring Me Down’ could blend into an overcrowded DIY basement gig, Saturday Night Live performance or commercial airplay and adapt into its surroundings effortlessly.  

The songs structure does adhere a little bit predictability in its arrangement of verses, choruses and bridges, so it might have been interesting to see the band switch it up a little and add an additional varying element to really push the grungier, punkier side of the music. A more pop-suited structure, however, does allow the track to become more radio-friendly so opens the door a little wider to airplay.  

The pop-punk edge to the ‘Bring Me Down’ quite literally offers something for everyone. Fierce female energy, moshing-ready choruses, poppy melodies and a tonne of distortion- what’s not to like? Scarlet have presented a whirlwind of vigorous noise and contagious energy in ‘Bring Me Down’ and I’ve no doubt that these guys will be first on your post-lockdown gig list.

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