Scatterchild – No Sense to End

Marking the start to an electrifying year ahead, “No Sense to End” is the new single from Manchester duo Scatterchild.

Kicking the year off in the best way viable, last year was the biggest year to date for the two-piece. Being featured on a charity compilation album with UK musicians during lockdown, the duo now take centre stage for their most exciting release to date.

Detailing how hard it is to lose the people you care about in life, whether that being romantic or platonic, ‘No Sense to End’ is about the pain that comes after and how it always affects our course in life.

Explaining the loss and doing whatever is best for you always, the track does come across as overthinking in places. Stressing about what could have been and what should have been, the brand new single is quite tense in areas, but in the best way possible.

Illustrating the story perfectly with powerful lyricism, the track’s instrumentation is light and delicate and comes across as an impressive ballad and a fantastic return.