Scotia and Dagny – All I Ever Wanted

Fancy listening to an exciting new debut single? We’ve got you covered.

A heartfelt ballad with a hint of hopeless romance is the easiest way to summarise this new track from sibling duo Scotia and Dagny.

Born in New York, now living in London, the sisters have teamed up for their first collaboration, with more to come in the future. ‘All I Ever Wanted’ is a reworking of a story we’ve heard countless times before, oozing with a sense of overwhelming devotion to that one person.

The singer-songwriter duo do well to not overcomplicate the track. Some acoustic guitar, block piano chords, and a simple drum pattern, make up a candid musical backing that does its job without overwhelming the tranquil vocals.

Whilst the song is an encouraging effort from the young siblings, this feels like more of a stepping stone in the right direction than a single that will send them to stardom. Personally, I wasn’t gripped by the song. Perhaps a more assertive and clear-cut hook to sell the tune would serve Scotia and Dagny well in getting stuck in the heads of listeners.

One thing I can say is that ‘All I Ever Wanted’ will, at the very least, put the pair on the musical map. Fortunately, they have plenty of time to work hard and keep writing music. They have every right to have a bright future ahead of them, they just need to go and get it.