Prepare yourself for this. Scott Hellman’s latest release ‘Papa’ from his upcoming album ‘NONSUCH PARK’ is a real tear jerker. As I sat there with my pen and pad ready to take notes, my brew in hand I read the description for how the song came about. ‘PAPA’ being the nickname for his grandfather who passed away last year.

This is an incredible tribute to a man who clearly meant the world to him. As I pressed play on the video link I was overwhelmed with heartwarming emotions. Straight away it begins with an explanation of how it consists of edited home movies from Scott’s family and his reaction to watching it for the first time.

The rawness of the footage adds to the emotions you feel as you watch Scott’s eyes well up and then laugh within seconds watching his incredibly intimate family moments. Rubbing his eyes as the music plays a gentle mix of piano keys met by an array of pleasing orchestral instruments and a sensational violin that pops up intermittently to add a bit of depth to such a wholesome song. Your witnessing someone baring their soul.

“You talk just like the old you
And then you start to cough
I’m tryin to be strong but
It’s obvious I’m not”

To make the song more even more heart wrenching and sad there are excerpts of a voicemail message left by his ‘papa’, You literally go through the motions on a small boat out in the rough sea, one minute you’re up, then down. It’s a whirlwind.

The lyrics are simple yet beautifully effective and the powerful way its sung just adds to the intimacy. It’s no surprise Scott is now recognised as one of Canadas leading young songwriters. His words are exceptional and his upcoming album ‘NONSUCH PARK’ is set to contain his personal journey through his changes, celebrations, growth, fears, hardships, courageous and love. So brace yourself for more in-depth words.
Having previously toured with the likes of Shawn Mendez and Vance Joy. There is set to be huge things in the future for Scott Helman, his latest single ‘Wait no more’ is currently still climbing the charts.

So if like me you think you can handle the tribute video for ‘Papa’ get a tissue ready just in case and be prepared to have a little sob. It’s truly an exceptional song.

New single Papa is out now on all streaming platforms and the new album NONSUCH PARK is due for release 4th September 2020 but is available for pre-order now.