Seafei – Let Them Sing

Exploring the depths of experimental electronica, Seafei releases their latest single ‘Let Them Sing’.

Raised in Brighton and now based in Singapore, Seafei shares his 5th single with us at RGM. As displayed in his existing discography, the electronic artist displays sophisticated regard for both eastern and western musicality. Drawing influence from both sides of the globe, the stylistic choices of contrasting arrangements are integrated into a comprehensible package ready for the world of popular consumption.

Moving in a style of its own accord, the instrumental track dismisses the need for a standard approach to section placement, opting for chopped vocal adlibs and mantric style chanting as opposed to verse/chorus lines etc.. The first one and a half minutes sees a sweeping development of textural soundscapes behind programmed rhythmic world beats. Throughout the track, soundscapes and electronic textures weave in and out of one another in a sea of perfectly balanced, flowing instrumentation, with the transitions between phased elements blending so effortlessly well that you almost don’t notice them creeping into focus.

Albeit, the chord sequence feels slightly Coldplay, the tonalities and crowd-like vocals featured within the instrumentation do remind me slightly of 2013/2014 alt pop, reminiscent of the earlier days of Bastille: pop-like enough to be a crowd pleaser with a bit more of a unique edge.

The composition within Seafei’s ‘Let Them Sing’ is of course complimented by its slick production, furthering the contrast between a more traditional influence and a ‘poppy’, modern take. Seafei has demonstrated a perfect balance of blending genre-specific influence together in order to create something familiar, yet far enough for us to be intrigued by the innovation of its sound.