Sebastea – Gemini

Cinematic and easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard this month, ‘Gemini‘ doesn’t need a sibling – it stands out entirely on its own. A debut needs to steal not only your attention with the music but also the artist’s personality too. Sebastea is based in Turkey and draws inspiration from the wonderful world of alternative music.

Telling an atmospheric story of death, love, war and revolt – this track is NOT for the faint-hearted. Speaking about mythology throughout the release, Sebastea’s debut instantly feels like a classic. Told through the eyes of twin gods Castor and Pollux, the track is built upon a stunning vocal acapella, before blossoming into a chiming classical influenced piece of art.

Artistic and the most innovative track you’ll hear today, ‘Gemini’ is alluring and surprising. Building upon a spacious climax that resolves in a melancholic infused ending, the track is bathed with references throughout that will make you stop and rethink your whole, entire life. This feels like the sound of music that comes from another world, realm or even dimension. Baroque pop flavoured with alternative pop shimmers, the crown-worthy track features no repetition and is highly genuine.