Seraphina Simone – Cherry <8

A soulful track brimming with elegance, Seraphina Simone has taken everything she has picked up from her musical upbringing and used it to produce a radiant track in Cherry. Daughter of Terence Trent D’Arby and Goddaughter of Prince, Miles Davis, Christie Hynde, Pete Townsend AND Mary Greenwell, it should perhaps come as no surprise that she seems to have has little problem in mastering the game so quickly.

Regardless of her family history though, this track is more than good enough to be judged on its own merits. A real infusion of sounds, it takes elements of soul and pop to create a hugely fulfilling and uplifting piece of music. Driven by topics such as such as the so called ‘American Dream’ she has instantly found a muse to create a powerful sound perfect for the times. 

The real strength behind this track, however, is her voice itself. Like any good soul song it needs a real driving force which gives the song meaning, and the unrelenting dynamism she can command from her vocal chords gives it this in bucket loads. 

In a way this almost feels like two different songs in places. The playful sound effects in places, like the sound of a can opening, give parts of it the feel of a modern pop song, but it’s in the more stripped back moments, where she is allowed to display the range of vocals she possesses that make it much more than that. Perhaps it would be better if the whole thing was consistently more minimal, but as she searches for her sound this is certainly not a track to turn your nose up to. 

To sum it up, this girl is a clear and raw talent, as yet pretty unknown, but I very much doubt that will remain the case. I can only imagine there is pressure to live up to her musical roots, but with a voice like hers, she will have no problems.