Seraphina Simone – Hollywood $$$

Seraphina Simone returns with vibrant new single ‘Hollywood $$$’. Following in the footsteps of fierce debut single ‘Cherry <8’, Seraphina Simone is a captivating, professional artist that leaves no room for dishonesty. 

Entering with a crowd going wild, ‘Hollywood $$$’ tells the story of the fame-obsessive in tinsel town. Walking the catwalk like an A-Lister, ‘Hollywood $$$’ is still worthy of a throne.

Unapologetic and giving listeners an insight into what happens behind closed doors, the new single features an imaginative production coated with uplifting instrumentation. 

Hollywood $$$ includes an elegant 80s arrangement, while featuring the refreshing sound of the present day. Flowing with a fierce nature, this confident number refuses to be pushed to the side. 

No stranger to the industry, Seraphina Simone has lived and breathed in industry ever since being a child. With her father being musician Terence Trent D’Arby, she’s seen the inside and out of industry. 

Sticking to her roots, Seraphina finds a way to pay ode to her past while bathing in originality. Shaping her way and creating her own artistry, this distinctive songstress is creating her own path, and it’s certainly following the yellow brick road.