Seraphina Simone – Skin

There’s a quiet intensity and powerful use of modern musical techniques in Seraphina Simone’s single Skin

With this unusual sounding drum beat that’s mixed with this heartbeat pounding throughout, it’s a simple yet surprisingly powerful backbone to the Skin. Combined with an echoing ambience that’s filled with guitars, more drums, backing vocals of a gospel choir. 

Skin is more of an experience than anything else, this ballad that’s backed significantly by drums and ambience. But this mixture of simple instrumentals at the forefront, and the more complex elements acting as far off backing make Skin this deep, sultry track that explores conflict over wanting someone. 

The exploration of a woman’s sexuality is something that’s still seen as taboo in many places, but the ease and subtlety that Seraphina Simone explores it with is neither uncomfortable nor ham-fisted in its delivery. Instead it’s this beautiful exploration of ones feelings, both emotional and physical. 

The B-side to Skin is Blue Devil, a much more bluesy take, exploring similar themes in a more classical delivery. Despite the more traditional construction, the musical production is no less hypnotic, using drums and ambience to express the mood greatly once again. 

Rather than pushing everything to the back, there’s these much more uplifting and powerful moments where synth, guitar and other backing instruments explode to the forefront, threatening to swallow the vocals in this wash of sound. 

Although Blue Devil doesn’t have the same impact as Skin, it still hypnotises and chills the listener to the core. When viewed as a companion piece that continues with its exploration of themes, it makes for a much more interesting take on the similar subject matter.