Born and bred, Manchester based indie-rock band SHADE are all set for the release of their upcoming single “Jump into Heaven”. However, with Manchester being the well-known birthplace of many iconic indie-artist, these 4 boys will have to go above and beyond to stand out from the already hefty crowd. But, from what I’ve heard, I am sure they will do just fine. With a concoction of catchy hooks and grinding melodies, this is certainly a song dedicated to the old-indie-faithful.  

What better way to kick start an indie anthem than with a deep, grinding baseline and an oozing electric guitar? Then, combined with the repetitive crunch of a hi-hats chime, the perfect intro is born. Living and breathing to drive anyone up on their feet.

Upon the entrance of Luke’s vocals (lead singer/ guitarist), the swift melody created by the band fashions the perfect cushion for his introduction. With such a raw and gritty delivery of each word, every musk-esque infused vocal flair has enough power to transport you back to a place of live music. And if you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you’re stood in that crowd, engulfed by the feeling of excitement and sheer freedom.

However, it’s not long before your drawn back to reality by the ever-progressing-pulsating soundscape that sears through your veins. Causing a rush of serotonin that only the true power-bled anthemic ballad can provide. So yes, ‘Jump into Heaven’ is an anthemic ballad. And yes, it deserves to be heard!