Shadows Of A Silhouette – Closing for Good

Recently releasing ‘Closing For Good’ along with B-side ‘Small Town’, Shadows Of A silhouette carry on the echo of 2010’s indie rock into the new decade.

Creeping in with a reverberated, melancholic guitar riff, ‘Closing For Good’ quickly shifts gear to a busier, up tempo indie-rock track in its first 30 seconds. With a musical style nodding its head towards Scouting For Girls and Catfish And The Bottlemen, the track carries with it a certain level of familiarity. The nature of the track definitely holds an air of predictability as it does utilise an array of techniques, tones and structures commonly found within the songs radiating from the pioneers of indie-rock.

The accessibility of the track’s catchy driven riffs and sing-along choruses, however, are bound to buried within teenager’s playlists across the country. Offering gushy lyrics such as, ‘She says I’m the best kisser, but I say girl that’s you’, the track sets itself up as a soundtrack for that romance-fuelled teenage angst.

There’s no doubt at all that Shadows Of A Silhouette’s indie-rock track has been executed well. It will face no struggle in appealing to the fans they already have and is sure to go down a treat live, but it just sounds a bit too familiar to invite a larger audience into their sound.

The release’s B-side (Small Town), however, showcases a different side to the band’s music. With a groovy intro, fast-paced vocals and a flowing melody, the track is definitely more equipped to grab the listener’s attention. The overall mix of the song isn’t too polished, and the vocals feel like they need to be pushed forward a little more but the melody and instrumentation of the song itself steals the show from ‘Closing For Good’. The whole feel of ‘Small Town’ seems to suit the band’s style a lot more and seeing the vocalist follow a different kind of phrasing adds a nice bit of variety to the release.

All in all, Shadows of a Silhouette have done well to showcase both their crowd-pleasing ability and more technical talent in their latest release. By tailoring their sound to appeal to a younger audience in their A-side, the band has allowed the B-side to become a more sophisticated piece of music.