Sharon West – Revelation

The 80’s style pop ballad is not a genre we get a lot of new releases in recent times but for Sharon West it doesn’t matter as she has found her style and is running with it whilst also changing it up and mixing in some EDM to give it a modern touch.

Her new album ‘Revelation’ is a great mix of all her current single releases such as hits like ‘One Night’ and ‘Breathe’ plus a few new songs that will have you dancing about the house and forgetting about the lockdown.

The album contains a good mix of songs that have a club music spin on them such as ‘Demons’ which has a chilled late-night beach vibe in the music. Whilst other songs on the album have a throwback to the 80s vibe, in particular, the opening track of the album, ‘No Life Without Love’. It has a slow start that then explodes into a powerful chorus that showcases Sharon’s voice. It’s the type of song you could imagine on a classic 80’s feel good moving starring Patrick Swayze.

Carrying on that 80s vibe, you have a more pop centred song in ‘Mirror Mirror’. It is clever because although it uses many beats and rhythms from older pop songs it still feels like a new song in itself. It is a good break away from the EDM style and ballad style songs on the album and offers something different.

‘Sunrise’ is another different song; however, it does not have the same positive differences as ‘Mirror Mirror’ does. For the most part the song is decent and the beat has a fast pace Rock n Roll rhythm. But the way the song is put together seems a bit mismatched and forced together. Going from the verse to the chorus the music seems to change without a link and does not flow properly. And the rap section toward the end feels very out of place. Individually the aspects of the song show talent, but they are not put together correctly.

Most of the songs on the album are dance based and you could see them being played in clubs across the country and have potential for DJ’s to remix them to fit. These are mainly Sharon West’s previously released singles. She even includes a remix of ‘One Night’ as well as the original version which shows how versatile her music can be.

Sharon West’s debut album ‘Revelation’ is a good base to start building a back catalogue of music around. The songs show what she can do with her great vocals and prove that she can make music that will get you moving. However not all the songs are a smash hit. A couple misses here and there but nothing major that affects the album too bad. Just a couple parts of songs that are too forced and better off in different songs. But overall, the album is a great throwback to the 80s and something you can imagine hearing on your next night out.