We review the new single for Sheafs : Popular Music

Sheffield’s SHEAFS continue to show they’re all about the energy with their latest single ‘Popular Music’. Their full throttle, runaway freight train style is specifically designed to spawn moshpit after moshpit.

Their second release this year, ‘Popular Music’ is a dead-on three minutes of aggressive rock’n’roll, throwing meaty punches with crunchy guitar and crashing drums. This is a band with a stated aim of getting the crowds going, rather than impressing with intricacy.

It’s hard to tell whether the band are slagging off popular music or defending it, or maybe just not saying anything at all. The line “you’ve got to keep things simple if you really want to please the people” could be taken one of two ways.

There’s not much nuance to the lyrics, but ‘Popular Music’ is one of those songs where it doesn’t really matter what’s being said as long as some of it can be shouted back by the fans; the adrenaline gets it through.

Whether they wanted to or not, SHEAFS have come up with something that’s sure to be pretty popular here. After several high-octane crowd-pleasing singles, their next step has got to be something a little more substantial so the five-piece can feel free to get more adventurous with their songwriting.

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