Sheffield Nightclub and Music Venue The Plug takes another step towards closure.

We recently reported and asked the question “Whats Going on at MJR Group” and it looks like their troubles continue.

Local music fans and regular attenders to The Plug venue are perplexed to see the venue not offer its usual level of club and live music events. The Plug in Sheffield is part of MJR Group and trade as Alchemy Plug Limited. Looking at their gig listing now they have a random mix of cover band listings and the odd club night. This just isn’t like them.

We checked companies house and the accounts are over due and a proposal to strike off the company has been made.

Sheffield based Reporter Deejay One also reported earlier “A notice that current operators of The Plug have forfeited their lease has this week been posted on the doors of one of Sheffield’s most popular entertainment venues.

The ‘Notice of peaceable re-entry’ appeared on the club’s door on Wednesday, stating that “the landlord of the premises has today re-entered the premises under the re-entry provisions in the lease and the lease is now forfeit.” Full story HERE

No events is listed for the busiest weekend of music and entertainment in Sheffield for Tramlines festival too which is very strange. More troubles at MJR? We still don’t know what’s going on, we just know the signs aren’t positive.

Sheffield lost music venue The Harley recently and it looks like another one could go, Read about that HERE I talk about that in a bit more detail.