Sheps – THNK ABT U

Behold! A debut that focuses on connection, Sheps first track ‘THNK ABT U‘ is armed with an uplifting chorus that shines optimism. Written by Sheps and frequent collaborator Billy Bligh, ‘THNK ABT U’ discusses being saved from an intense relationship.

Finding closure in redemption, Sheps new single is a solid representation of something we have all been through. Struggling to detach yourself from past experiences that may have left trauma, this debut single catapults listeners through a commercial pop soundscape straight from a place of peace.

Produced at his studio in London Fields, Matthew Sheppard aka the mastermind behind Sheps is destined for greatness in the industry. An industry where music may be watered down here and there, Sheps is a refreshing singer-songwriter that is planned further releases throughout early 2021. ‘THNK ABT U’ builds with momentum and features some of the finest instrumentation of the week.

Soaring harmonies, elevating percussion, and pulsating guitar plucks, ‘THNK ABT U‘ is a passionate debut single with high hopes for a bright future.