Simeon Rodgers – Talk to Me

London based electronic producer and music artist Simeon Rodgers unleashes third single to date ‘Talk to Me’. Creating a soundscape filled with hope and a strong influence of electronic music, Simeon Rodgers is an artist creating captivating music suited for your headphones. 

Recorded between numerous different locations (even on planes and other transportation), this track has been all around the world and back again. Hearing it’s full influence from different parts of the world’s culture, the final product is a bewitching single bathed in individuality. 

Mixed at London’s RAK Studios by Isabel Gracefield, the track was mastered at Metropolis Studios by Felix Davis.

‘Talk to Me’ has a cinematic feel to it’s core, and certainly uplifts listeners with it’s irresistible beat.

An experience unlike any other you’ll experience this week, Simeon Rodgers’ ‘Talk to Me’ explores the loss of communication and feeling alone. 

‘Talk to Me’ resonates firmly with the nostalgic period of the noughties.

A hypnotic vision of music doing the talking, Simeon Rodgers explores modern masculinity, self care and self expression within his discography.

Talk to Me‘ is a visionary that doesn’t need an introduction.