Simple Sessions – Lessons

Simple Sessions are a collective of musicians based in Leeds. Known for playing mostly covers of current songs, they create a distinctive sound of neo-soul. Primarily consisting of 5 core members, the collective are flexible not only with their structure but their sound too. In the latest release, we hear them cover Sinead Harnett’s original track ‘Lessons’.

With high hopes for 2020 after their debut live show back in January, the outfit (and the rest of the world!) haven’t had the best of luck with this year. Featuring a stripped back arrangement for the new release, ‘Lessons’ features Anna Hattam on vocals and Alex Hogg on acoustic guitar.

Due to nature of the Pandemic, the two recorded their parts at home and sent the track to be produced and mixed via Jon Melville (who plays keys, sax in the outfit). Recreating the presence from the original track, Simple Sessions’ acoustic version of ‘Lessons’ is exquisite. Up, close and personal, this raw arrangement captures love and it’s challenges.

‘Lessons’ details being interested in someone and wanting to be with them, but being worried about where it may lead to. It feels like the message illustrates being scared of self-sabotaging something that could be special. Musically, the arrangement showcases that sometimes, all you need is an acoustic guitar and one, enchanting voice. 

There’s no ‘lessons’ of improvement for this one, it will draw you in and let you be part of the story.