Sinclair – Burn ’em Down

It’s time to take up our arms in this exciting single from Sinclair. The Manchester rockers present to us their angsty, anti-establishment and hard-rock hit ‘Burn ‘em Down’.  

A song that focuses on revolt to the higher ups makes the band sound massive with their heavy distorted riffs, beefy snares and soaring vocal contributions. The introductory protesting mergers into what can only be described as Sabbath-esc riffing, before divulging into the core sound of the song which makes me believe Audioslave are alive and well.  

If you like your rock music with larger-than-life riffs and a groove to match then, ‘Burn ‘em Down’ will no doubt be an attractive piece to you. The verses fill you with shivering anticipation before the chorus drops and it’s a rewarding chorus at that. The layered riffs and harmonies are intoxicating with the vain of Tom Morello’s iconic writing.  

The bridge allows us an easy breather before returning to the chorus and it feels as if someone has lit the first match to accompany the song’s message. If Sinclair keep writing huge tunes like this, I can see them going very far.  

These boys clearly aren’t a fan of those in power and it’s a protest song that we need in 2020.