Sinclair – Suzie Lou

A rumbling of street noise kicks off this track in ominous fashion, before a looming bassline and droning vocals take centre stage to set you on edge in anticipation for the next six minutes of Sinclair’s new single ‘Suzie Lou’.

It takes a short while to get going, with the sinister and slow build taking up a third of the track, but once the explosion happens you know it was well worth the wait. This hazy mess of compelling vocals, fuzzy guitar, and just a whole load of noise, make up a chorus that can only be described as emphatic.

When listening to ‘Suzie Lou’, I decided that this would be an ideal tune to play live right off the back of a slightly more reluctant and reserved song, perfect for injecting a shot of energy into the atmosphere.

During the verses, only drums seem to keep busy within the band. Personally, this seemed like a very skilful approach to amplify the uneasy feeling that emanates from the song.

Following a few more minutes and a screeching guitar solo, Sinclair continues their explosive trend with a huge chorus to round everything off. This only leaves the listener craving for more of that energy and intensity that the band provides.

It could be argued for the intro to be made shorter, not necessarily to shorten the song but maybe to provide space for a bridge section that differs from the rest of the track and so adds to its unstable nature. However, Sinclair should still be proud that they have produced yet another single that I’m sure audiences will go mad for.

This single is the third to be released of a string of three recorded together, following ‘Burn Em Down’ and ‘SIM Card Citizen’, and is just another encouragement for listeners to try and catch Sinclair live.