Sketchface – what do you think our ghosts make of us?

Reflecting on times gone and what could’ve gone differently? Perhaps you’re thinking about that time you should have said hey to that attractive stranger? Whatever it is, we all question what if’s, and Sketchface does exactly that in hauntingly original track ‘What do you think our ghosts make of us?

We’ve all been prone to overthinking over the last 18 months or so, making this a vital necessity to gaining some sort of comfort. Having been locked away like the rest of us, Sketchface ended up writing this track during lockdown, and you could say, he certainly turned an awful situation into a positive offspring.

Released only a few days ago, this anthem refuses to be limited to one avenue. You’ve got elements of electronica, suitable for fans of the early noughties era, but you’ve also got a strong alternative rock vibe to the arrangement, which radiates a Linkin Park influence.

Using fuzz-like instrumentation to create the uncertainty the past year has brought to the table, its Sketchface’s haunting vocals that indicate the ghostly title. Described it as ‘ghost rock’ – we couldn’t say it better ourselves. Contrasting bright instrumentation with vulnerable lyricism, ‘what do you think of ghosts make of us’ is unlike anything else you’ll encounter today. Featuring Femmeberg for additional vocals and writing, this partnership complements each other’s vocals perfectly.

Wonderfully written, but feel like the production could have been sharper.