We review the new single from Skylights – Nothing Left to Say

Skylights new single, Nothing Left to Say feels much more focused on it’s stylistic choices than before. It sticks to it’s inspirations much more closely than some of their previous work, such as their arena rock oriented YRA. 

Nothing Left to Say is a more personal track that explores what Skylights can really do, versus YRA’s pumping anthem-like style. Using a style which is very full sounding and well polished, with clear notes from every aspect, it’s almost impossible to miss a single note that is played. 

The clean vocals that come off as well practiced and pleasant make for an easy going listen, coupled with a gentle bass that’s smooth as caramel. The guitar too makes for a wonderful, almost gentle, lullaby rhythm at times. With a gentle and far off sound they don’t intrude, making for a very clear cut as the higher notes are covered by the lead guitar. These higher notes make up the majority of the aforementioned lullaby style of notes that play. 

As for the drums, they’re firm but muted, hitting hard at times when is needed and making for a chunky rhythm that doesn’t grate in any way. They instead keep up the overall trend on the track of going for a very easy-listening soft rock anthem. 

Nothing Left to Say seems to continue the trend Skylights have going for themselves. Adding in another solid track to their catalogue of easy-going soft rock. They’re building a brand, and aren’t compromising for a second.