We review the new single from Skylights – YRA

York based indie-rock rock quartet Skylights bring a profusion of steady guitar riffs, piercing tongue-in-cheek vocals and memorable rhythms in their single, YRAa track inspired by a football chant (which Leeds United fans would fully commend.)

The band consists of vocalist Rob Scarisbrick, guitarist Turnbull Smith, drummer Myles Soley and bassist Jonny Scarisbrick. Having been featured on several local radio stations, such as YO1 and BBC Introducing, the group are gathering an increasingly comfortable following in Leeds/York and have recently sold out their upcoming gig at Wardrobe Leeds on July 27th, as well as Belgrave Music Hall, a few months back… And this single makes it easy to see why.

“It’s a Yorkshire anthem, taken from a Leeds chant,” Rob Scarisbrick told the York Express, a year back. “We’re proud of where we come from and incorporate it in that tune. It’s tongue-in-cheek-turned-anthem.”

After giving this track the initial listen, it’s clear to see that the band draw heavy influence from the Britpop era – with its gripping hooks and youthfully energetic melodies. Their sound meshes into concoction of inspiration which has seemingly been derived from the likes of Oasis, and Leeds band The Music.

As the lyrics pour in, and Scarisbrick belts out “can you feel it, can you feel it, it’s YRA?”, the track is lent an aggressive edge; which fuses with the undertones of dance-y rhythms and punky instrumentation.

Overall, it’s an anthemic, eclectic track; definitely reminiscent of the Britpop era, but with an additional level of aggression and even bolder vocals.

Those who grabbed a ticket to their sold-out gig in The Warehouse are certainly in for a treat in three weeks time. Judging from this track, it’ll be a night filled with smokin’ riffs, bobbing-borderline-thrashing heads, and an infectious energy… (Oh, and the probable countless sights of beard-adorned Fred-Perry-Polo-Wearing individuals, who I imagine to worship Skylight’s current mien!)