Sleep Walking Animals – Dance Laura Dance

Alternative folk outfit Sleep Walking Animals may win the award for, not only the best band name of the week but also the best song of the month.Dance Laura Dance’ is an adventurous offering that showcases how folk continuously evolves. An uplifting track that tells the story of hope and staying true to yourself no matter what, it’s the sort of track that could give anyone a wake-up call to stop their stress, and to live their life how THEY want to.

Sleep Walking Animals feel like the type of band you’d encounter at a diverse festival in a tent that instantly draw a huge crowd. The type of outfit that you want to dance to their music but also listen to every breathtaking lyric, this band’s potential is huge and not only for the UK’s music scene.

Dance After Dance” grooves into tomorrow with it’s spacious production, note-perfect vocals and complex instrumentation. Sounding like the 90s brit-pop meets folk scene, this innovative number is still refreshing and will sound incredible live. Showcasing to never hold back with their diverse influences, Sleep Walking Animals’ latest single is best described as magical and illuminates the band’s full potential.

The sort of track to dance around a campfire to while you’re feeling on top of the world, ‘Dance Laura Dance‘ is a track for all the optimistic people.