Sly Antics – Reality

Reality isn’t so bad when you wake up and hear there’s new music to come from Sly Antics. Alternative Duo from Hebden Bridge have taken their music down a completely different avenue to their other discography.

Championing radio play all across the country, it’s only fair really that they’re getting the recognition they truly deserve. Only recently developing to the duo set up, it seems that the band are more comfortable with their latest single.

A soft awakening to the world, “Reality” has to be their most vulnerable track yet. The track feels like an atmospheric version of realising your true worth. Realising that there’s more to life than social media and technology addiction. As a generation, we are glued to our phone’s and find ourselves pleasing others for ‘likes’… c’mon we all do it/have done it in someway.

At the end of the day, the world is anyone’s oyster and Sly Antics realised that. Best part of being a songwriter is to showcase feelings and to tell a story. Sly Antics prove a point that we all follow a system and they’ve simply broken down the four walls that surrounded them. 

Legendary mix will make you motivated and ready for any task to arise. Reality has two different sides. One being this shy, insecure child who’s looking for light in the darkness. The other side being the grown-up adult understanding everything around them. It has a wonderful balance between the two making the song feel like a true coming of age story. You can picture this killer song in a Marvel film for sure. Petition to get this track in a superhero film anyone?