Socially Awkward – Cast Away

You won’t want to cast this single away… excuse the pun. Head banging, toes tapping, air drums – you name it, this track had me doing it all. Whether or not the intention of this tune is to get people dancing, I believe they’ve absolutely achieved it. Fast, driving, even catchy, this single highlights these guys’ feelings, and does it in a way that, honestly, just makes me want to get up and shout.

Socially Awkward are new on the scene, to try and get us to understand the constraints and validation people crave on social media. This, at present, is important – so it comes as no surprise that you can feel the energy and urgency pouring through the strong vocals and hard-hitting lyrics. ‘Too many questions, not enough answers’, ‘You can be so fake’. These guys are getting straight to the point, and by the sounds of it, they’re not particularly happy.

Straight away, the listener is bombarded with a catchy chord progression, lead guitar line and drums that are instantly heavy and hard. It is grungy – very reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon – but clear and concise throughout. Its production is nothing short of outstanding, and this helps give the song the clean edge it needs to get the point across. The track changes volume and instruments are cut out in places to keep the single moving and interesting. It is obvious that these guys are intelligent in their song writing, but also in how to engage with the listener without being too cheesy.

I am blown away by the vocalist’s ability to change his sound throughout. His range is impressive and is layered to perfection in the chorus. These guys are incredible; ‘Cast Away’ is clean cut, massive, and absolutely going to be a banger when ‘Socially Awkward’ get on stage. This has already been released, so be sure to catch them – these aren’t to be missed.

Also on RGM ????