Sol Croft – Deceit

Singer-songwriter Sol Croft unleashes new single ‘Deceit‘ into the world. A track taken from his recently released EP ‘Farewell To The Disciples’, the eerie number is bathed in beauty.

‘Deceit’ begins around Sol’s haunting piano motif, and showcases that sometimes all you need to write a powerful song is imagery and delicate playing. Surrounded by Sol’s stunning voice, the atmospheric soundscape isn’t labeled by one certain genre, and that’s what makes it extra special.

A cross-genre track that’s bathed in beautiful textures, the track is all about dynamics and channels poetic songwriters constantly. The second track on Sol’s recently released EP, ‘Deceit’ is a spine-tingling track that feels like it would suit being part of a soundtrack in a blockbuster movie.

You can picture it now, a plot twist suddenly appears, ‘Deceit‘ starts playing and goosebumps instantly appear on your arms.

Simplistic and mesmerising, ‘Deceit‘ illustrates that all you need sometimes is one instrument, a remarkable voice, and a powerful message. A poetic songwriter if you ever did see one.