Solar Parachute – Can’t Help Myself

Taking into account that Solar Parachute is a one-man project really makes you begin to appreciate the amount of work put into Can’t Help Myself and other songs revolving around the project. 

With prior experience with a mixture of different indie bands comes a seasoned veteran of the genre branching out with his own singular vision. With this full creative control, Solar Parachute immediately brings a sense cohesion and a clear view of what each and every song should be. 

Can’t Help Myself is a track that explodes with boundless energy, with its lightning quick drum pace and full-throttle guitars never letting up for anything more than a few seconds. Hitting the metaphorical red line this much is bound to pump anyone up. 

It’s reflective of the song’s message of never stopping, never letting up and always pushing through. Every chord strummed, drumstick hit and breathy word reinforce this idea to the listener. 

Even with the drums being throttled away to dust, the addition of a drum machine and extra acoustics just push the envelope even further. There’s this urgency of a runaway train to every second in the nearly six-minute runtime that’s unparalleled. This is best shown in the instrumental portion where the tune picks up so much speed that the drums beat seep into one another and guitar strums become a singular note. 

It’s extraordinary how well Can’t Help Myself flows from start to finish, and would leave some full bands green with envy.