Solar Strides – Goodbye Again

Coronavirus has been a huge obstacle for everyone, Solar Strides are no exception. Prior to the pandemic the band were playing some iconic venues, including Werkhaus, The Beehive and Phoenix Bar, helping them to rapidly build their fanbase. During lockdown, the band realised they had to adapt to new conditions and performed a live streamed gig which enabled them to raise over £1000 for grassroots music.

Now, Silver Strides have returned with their irresistible new single, ‘Goodbye Again’. Soaring vocals combine with catchy melodies and personal yet relatable lyrics to create an uplifting track. ‘Goodbye Again’ is tinged in nostalgia, reminiscent of early Courteeners, and is easily Silver Strides strongest release to date.

‘Goodbye Again’ was recorded at Mike Oldfield’s old studio, where smash hit single Moonlight Shadow was recorded and it was then mastered by Noel Summerfield who has previously mastered The White Stripes’ anthem, ‘Seven Nation Army’.

The band state that the song ‘wrote itself, almost as if it was waiting patiently for us to open the door’, ‘Goodbye Again’ was influenced by the times it was written in, commentating on the want for a break and the struggles of sustaining a new relationship.

Goodbye Again’ was already a fan favourite from Solar Strides’ live sets and the studio version certainly doesn’t disappoint. ‘It strengthens the bands, already impressive, catalogue of music, the anthemic verses and chorus make way for a full-throttle track which will have listeners yearning for the return of live music.