sonderminds – Blindfolds

Stepping firmly into his own spotlight, Paul Piper aka the mind behind project sonderminds is back with his second single to date, ‘Blindfolds‘. Always turning to music to help get through personal experiences, you can strongly hear how much music means to Paul throughout the new single. Recorded in parts at different locations, this track will certainly make you feel at home, wherever you may listen to it.

The perfect title for a track that feels somewhat lost, this reflective number is best described as the odd one out in sonderminds’ discography – but in the best way possible.

Detailing feeling stuck doing something you shouldn’t or don’t really want to do, the track explains how we all find ourselves living in our comfort zone even though we should be adventuring out of it. Sounding quite dark and melancholic in places, this prominent alternative rock anthem showcases Paul’s darker side to songwriting, and we completely love it.

Highly emotive and damn right risky, this is an artist stepping firmly out of his comfort zone completely blindfolded – that takes a long of confidence! Feeling like he’s slightly winging his way through the music industry.