Soul Jacker – Nobody Loves You

The latest release from Wrexham mod rockers Soul Jacker is a groove-filled monster that burrows into your brain and sets up residence.

Heavy on guitars, it has a feel of the grunge-psych sound of bands such as Monster Magnet, but there’s no space child lyrics here, as vocalist Andy Salter delivers the lyrics as clear as a bell. They resonate as much, too, with the bitter refrain of the title. It’s hard not to find yourself singing along after a couple of listens.

The production – also by Salter – is sharp and precise, the guitars come alive and the solo, in particular, sounding special. The band already has a reputation as a ferocious live act, and this is sure to translate well to a gig setting. We can almost see the bodies bouncing.

Nobody Loves You hits streaming platforms on January 17th. You can follow Soul Jacker on Twitter and Facebook.