South Yorkshire’s INTERVENE Premiere Uncompromising New Single The Conquering

Though always a band for whom compromise means very little, South Yorkshire’s Intervene have taken the past 12 months pretty bloody personally. The result is an explosively unhinged single in the form of ‘The Conquering’ – a track that bridges ramshackle indie with post-punk swagger and snarl.

Recorded at The Warren Studios in Attercliffe, Sheffield by Jack Howorth, ‘The Conquering’ is the first self-propelled release through the group’s ‘Major Players Records’ label – following a release deal with award-winning producer Pete Brazier (ex Warner Chappell, Zomba, Parlophone, Arista).

Three minutes of angular and anarchic energy,‘The Conquering’ feels as much like a statement of intent as it does a single release, while also acting as a testament to Intervene’s uncompromising attitude, which here feels more unfettered than ever.

“Compromise is a curse,” explains frontman Jack Constantine. “If no-one gets what they want, it’s all totally fucking futile. We’re all pretty wound up after the lost year of 2020, and if we’ve learned anything it’s that we can’t afford to waste any more time. No matter what this year throws at us, we’re set on finding our way out of the wilderness – where we’ve been for a last couple of years actually.”

It’s a sentiment that pulses through the course of ‘The Conquering’, two fingers up to a year of personal setbacks and what’s felt like a cascade of monumental fuck ups from the government. Born from sheer frustration it might have been, but the Conquering is nothing short of pure catharsis as well.

RGM are pleased to be able to exclusively premiere the track below: