Space Needle – The Animated Life of Bugzee Lix

Out on the first of May, Bugzee Lix’s Space Needle is an animated video that takes you through the independent US Rappers life and career. For fans of Bugzee Lix, this is a chance to learn more about his life and the rise of his career, he was inspired to create the video after Manchester rapper Sofian wrote a song inspired by him that has gone on to receive more than 103,000 views.

Interestingly, Bugzee began writing rap for something to do as a teenager when he was grounded and shares his first ever verse in the video. He also shares about growing up in gang-infested streets from 1995 and how he managed to raise the capital to buy the equipment to begin recording and producing music.

The video features samples of some of his past work beginning in 2002 right up until the present and is all presented by an animated Bugzee. Whilst the idea of an animated video is nice, this isn’t the most engaging of videos, particularly during some of the anecdotal parts where a cartoon Bugzee nods along to the audio. There is a screen within the image showing pictures from the rappers childhood which is a great touch. But I can’t help but think it would be a more engaging production if some video footage featuring Lix in the present day, telling us about his life was merged in. The video itself largely comprises CGI imagery of the rapper driving around in an orange BMW, which may appeal to GTA fans but for me was a little dull.

It’s probably a nice video for Bugzee’s existing fans to recap on some his past tracks and a good way to introduce new listeners to his work and the evolution of his career.

The audio and his life story are actually very interesting. It’s appealing to hear snippets of gang culture and how different US cities are to one another. It would make a strong podcast and I’ve enjoyed some of the songs that he’s featured in the video so I’ll certainly be checking out his Spotify and love that Manchester got a shout out!