WE REVIEW THE NEW SINGLE FOR Spangled – Crossbar Challenge

Formed only at the start of this year, Spangled have already released a string of demos to the public. Now here with their first mastered single “Crossbar Challenge”, the lively indie bunch are proud of this gem and so they should be.

Based in Manchester, the ever-growing scene that comes from the city and around it is always uplifting. You could walk into any venue in Manchester and know that you’ll have a great time filled with talent. Musically, the track came about when Jamie (lead guitarist) came up with a short melodic riff and played it to the lead singer Ben, who instantly wrote some lyrics. 

Developing from a slow ballad, the upbeat single is driven with pure passion. Glistening in the moonlight with it’s colourful guitar melody, the first polished track from Spangled is everything we hoped for and more. Grabbing you in with a feel-good aura, the track implicates the beginning of what seems to be a vibrant career for the youngsters.

What will make you fall head over heels is the rawness of the track. The vocals aren’t perfect and the track is very simple, but bringing it all together is true musicianship from a band that are soon to be stars. A warming indie hit that will always be remarkable in the band’s discography for years to come.