Being from Manchester, it’s easy to find yourself disenfranchised when certain bands are namechecked as influences. From The Stone Roses to The Courteeners, The Happy Mondays to Oasis, such influences are often signifiers of a particular type of band: loud and laddy, harbouring a rock star mentality, often without the tracks to back it up.

If that sounds like a generalisation, it’s because it is. And there are always exceptions to a rule.

Spangled are one such exception. With a name enough to shit up promoters, and with influences that name check at least two of the above, I’d prematurely, and perhaps arrogantly, made my mind up about the Altrincham four-piece before I’d even pressed play on their latest single ‘Nosedive’.

How wrong was I.

A treble-heavy bass kicks off proceedings before being joined by the jangly guitars which establish Spangled’s aesthetic so perfectly. It’s a classic indie-pop aesthetic, and while there are elements of The Stone Roses at play, there’s also echoes of bands such as The La’s also.

That said, while you can take the lads out of Manchester…

Delivered with an irresistibly snotty Manc drawl, lyrically ‘Nosedive’ is a typically ramshackle celebration of loose morals and lost inhibitions, yet it’s delivered with such a degree of optimism that’s impossible to be charmed almost instantly.

Though the ground it treads is certainly familiar, the effervescent joy the track radiates is infectious. Give it a couple of listens, and even the most ardent of critics will find themselves lacing up the Adidas and reaching for a bucket hat.