Sport Entertainment Review : WWE Super Show-Down

I really enjoyed this PPV and it sat nicely in that gap of one of the big four. It wasn’t as bad as these years Fastlane or Payback, it wasn’t quite up there with a Wrestlemania or a Royal Rumble but it was certainly better than The Greatest Royal Rumble from earlier in the year which just seemed for the money and to please the Saudi Royal Family!

Smackdown Tag Team Championship – New Day (c) v The Bar – Winners  – The New Day

New day are first up in their third pre show ppv appearance in 4 attempts. I don’t know what it is about the smackdown tag titles that don’t get a similar spot on the card as the raw tag titles. New Day are always entertaining and are used well to get the crowds going and do so in this match. The Bar however are amazing on their own. Cesaro has unbelievable strength and Seamus is a former WWE champion. I just feel that they’ve run their course as a tag team and its maybe time for something else. I don’t under stand how The Bar are even in a tag title match when they haven’t won any kind of number one contenders match. The New Day come out on top with a decent double finisher to Cesaro.

Smackdown Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) v Charlotte Flair – Winner – Charlotte Flair by Disqualification 

Heel Becky Lynch is great and the crowd are really behind her, even booing Charlotte. I enjoy their matches. They’re just great wrestling matches without anything flashy. Both of these women could have a wrestling match with a sandbag and it would work well. Lots of back and forth. Lots of near falls snd working body parts, just great old school wrestling. This match was no different. Becky taking the aggression to Charlotte from the opening bell. Becky blocked a moonsault from Charlotte and nearly scored a pin from the counter. Charlotte eventually get the figure 8 leg lock in but Becky hit her with the belt she had on the ring apron to force the DQ and stay Women’s Champion. Charlotte attacks her after the match but Lynch counters and hits her with a few knees. Theres more matches in this series to come and I think we wont be disappointed

John Cena and Bobby Lashley v Kevin Owens & Elias – Winners – Cena and Lashley

Strange match this. No really build up in any storyline especially where John Cena is concerned. There have been rumour circulating after the even that Cena wasn’t allowed to take any bumps in the ring as to not pick up any injuries as he is still filming with Jackie Chan for an upcoming film. Lashley spent majority of the match in the ring while Cena just came in to finish up the match where he hit Elias with a 5 knuckle shuffle after a sit out side slam then hit him with an attitude adjuster and finally he’s new “finisher” translated into English its called “lightning fist” and is essentially a punch. Cena then cut a promo about how appreciative of the fan he has been and will always remember where he came from. It wasn’t a good bye it wasn’t anything really. 

Asuka & Naomi v The IIconics – Winners – The IIconics

There was always going to be one winner in this match with Peyton Royce and Billie Kaye performing in their home town. 4 years ago they had their tryout for the WWE in Australia so its quite an achievement to be featuring in front of over 70,000 people. The match was never going to be at the quality of a Charlotte and Becky Lynch match but there are always some entertaining moments when the IIconics are performing. You can what it meant for them to get the win in the home country.

WWE Championship – AJ Styles v Samoa Joe (No Countout, No DQ) – Winner – AJ Styles

These two went at it from the start. I’ve enjoyed this series of matches between these and some of the storyline has harked back to the attitude era which has worked really well. I found my self really wanting Samoa Joe to win this, not because I don’t like AJ Styles but because I think Joe would make a good anti-hero champion. There were times in this match where I thought that would be the case. Lots of near falls and near tap outs to submission holds. AJ took some big bumps in this match, going over the announce tables and taking a hard landing on a chair from Joe’s corner Uranage. Styles started working Joes knee after he injured it when both fell through a table set up in the ring. Styles wins with a Calf Crusher submission. I still think theres another match left in this series and if Joe doesn’t win then I’m not sure who else on the current smackdown roster is ready to be champion. 

Ronda Rousey & The Bellas v The Riott Squad – Winners – Ronda Rousey and The Bellas

There could have been more made about this match with the Brie Bella incident from the previous weeks episode of Raw where she legitimately knocked out Liv Morgan with some errant Yes! kicks, there were hints of this where at one point Brie grabbed Liv’s blue tongue and pulled on it as well as Corey Graves referencing the incident on commentary. I like The Riott Squad and Sarah Logan has some potential do well on a singles run. This was all set up for Rousey to win and she did with a double arm bar on Morgan and Logan after a series of impressive judo throws on all three members of The Riott Squad. I cant speak highly enough of how well Rousey has adapted since her transition from UFC to WWE. She’s genuinely been one of the most entertaining performers on the roster. The only problem is she’s so strong as a women champion that you cant see who can take it off her. 

Cruiserweight Championship – Cedric Alexander (c) v Buddy Murphy – Winner – Buddy Murphy

This was probably the best match of the night in regards to high flying moves and all round action. Buddy Murphy and fly for a bigger guy. His top rope dives and confidence in the higher spots is great. Alexander hit a Michinoku driver from the top rope which is something rarely seen in WWE. These two had a great match and it was rightfully high on the card. I’d have hated for this to the opening match due to the excitement they bring. Buddy won and I’d like to think it wasn’t because he was in his home town. He’s been great since he joined 205 live (the cruiserweight division) and this is a deserved title win. Just hope he doesn’t drop it back to Alexander a week later!

The Shield v Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre – Winners – The Shield

For the last few weeks Dean Ambrose of the shield has been tasing a heel turn against his fellow shield members. The match didn’t manage to live up to the tag match that Ambrose and Rollins had with Ziggler and McIntyre from Hell in a Cell but that would have been hard for anyone to beat. The turn from Ambrose looked set as he was hit by Reigns’ superman punch by accident then looked to jump Rollins and Reigns along with the other three. However he didn’t and ran straight past them to spear Strowman. Strowman then hit Reigns with a running tackle on the outside followed by Rollins on the other side. He set up to do the same to Ambrose however Reigns got back to his feet to intercepts Strowman and tackle him through the guard rail. Where in the the ring Ambrose managed to hit a Dirty Deeds finish and get the pin on Ziggler for a Shield victory.

Daniel Bryan v The Miz (No. 1 Contender match) – Winner – Daniel Bryan

This was disappointingly short. These two could have had a great match with the history they’ve had. A few kick and a skull crushing finale form the miz that was turned into an inside cradle by Daniel Bryan for the pin. I can only think this was cut short because of a timing issue.

Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker w/ Kane – Winner – Triple H

My first memory of WWE is The Undertaker. Whenever I think of my top 5 all time performers he’s always number one. I still enjoy his matches. I still get hairs on the back of my neck when I hear his entrance theme. Yes he probably should have retired long ago, when he lost his Wrestlemania streak to Brock Lesnar would have been perfect. But I still think theres a place for him in this mad world of “Sports Entertainment”. This is awesome chants started before the first bell had rang. Both of these guys still look good for their ages. They rolled back the years here and took the match out to the crowd, through barriers and tables and took some chair shots. Interferences from Kane and Michaels added to the drama as well as a couple of ref bumps. Michaels hit Taker with a couple of super kicks before Triple H finished Undertaker with a Pedigree. This was a decent match and although not a classic was still main event worthy. After all the handshakes and fireworks after the match Taker and Kane attacked Triple H and Michaels putting Michaels through the announce table. Great ending from the bothers of destruction.

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