Sports Entertainment – Breed Pro Wrestling @ Sheffield City Hall.

Sunday saw Breed Wrestling host just their second live show this time at the Sheffield City Hall. A real strong crowd were in attendance for what turned out to be a really impressive event. 

Boasting some of the hottest talent in the British wrestling scene with a stacked card even with the late withdrawal of Lucky Kid due to injury, he was replaced in the title match by the suplex machine that is Scotty Davis 


Starting the night off with an appearance from Sheffields own Alan Kilby. A British wrestling living legend who was at the height of the scene in the 70’s and 80’s and had a well known feud with Dave “Fit” Finlay (now a producer in WWE). Kilby was a great in ring performer despite being deaf and had some memorable matches. It was great to see him with his British Light Heavyweight title. 

The matches started with Anti Fun Police v Club Tropicana. This was a highly entertaining match and as always with an Anti Fun Police match there were some highly entertaining spots. I don’t think I’ve never watched a match of theirs and not been entertained. I love the value that Santos Jr adds to their matches and this was no exception. 

“Session Moth” Martina was part of the ring crew but soon found herself getting involved at the end of the first match. She ended up having an impromptu Falls count anywhere match against Gene Munny (Juan Fall’s bodyguard). They used the venue well going through one door then both appearing out of serrate doors at each end of the room. The match literally lasted all night as they would reappear after each match in another part of the venue before going off through another exit. 

Shay Purser took on The OJMO with the crowd belting out Pursers entrance music, he uses My Sacrifice by Creed who old school wrestling fans will remember from one of the most memorable video packages made by WWE. Both put on an entertaining match with Purser getting the win by submission. 

Jack Sexsmith took on Chuck Mambo who went to town on Sexsmith before the bell rang with some heavy looking chair shots to the back. Once they got in to the ring and the bell rang the action between the two was great. Mambo got the win and TK Cooper and Spike Trivet came out and attacked Sexsmith to some heavy boo’s from the crowd.

The match of the night had to be Ilja Dragunov v Chris Ridgeway. This was a hard hitting match with some real stiff kicks being taken by both guys. This was an intense match that had all the other performers peeking through the curtain and anywhere else they could get a decent view. This is likely going to be one of Ilja’s last matches on the independent scene as he has recently signed with WWE’s NXTUk brand however as with the case with NXT at present but he may pop up in other “affiliated” promotions as was the case with Alexander Wolfe from Sanity (currently on the smackdown brand) who appeared at a wxw event in Germany recently.

Ilja lost this match when Ridgeway applied a choke hold which saw his opponent pass out almost instantly before the ref called for the bell. 

Spike Trivet is one of the best heels around on the independent scene. His Tory persona could not be more hated at the minute. He riff’s off the crowd and turns any heckles straight back on to them. In ring he’s really impressive. He got the win over Carlos Romo after a few verbal taunts and  some near pins from Romo but ultimately a low blow from Trivet while the refs back was turned was enough to get the three count

The women of steel qualifier was a triple threat match between Raven Creed, Sheffields own Ivy and Debbie Kietel. Plenty of good spots in this match with a few near falls as well as Creed thinking she got the win only to find Kietel just got her foot on the rope before the ref got the three count in. This match may have been originally planned as going longer however Kietel took a nasty bump when a planned move went slightly wrong. Both the Ref and Creed seemed genuinely concerned before getting to the finish of the match where Creed got the pin. The crowd and officials seemed genuinely concerned over Kietel as she was helped to the back. 

Main event time now and Scotty Davis stood in for the injured Lucky Kid. With Trivet and Chuck Mambo in his corner Tk Cooper was always the favourite going into this match but Davis gave as good as he got. Davis is an absolute suplex machine and both guys worked a really impressive match. Cooper needed the help of Mambo and Trivet to get the win with some distraction work and a sneak attack on Davis. Cooper gets the win and remains Breed Pro Champion.

This was a really impressive event from Breed especially given that its only their second show. They’ve managed to attract talent that work in more established promotions like Progress and OTT. They continue to attract big indie talent and recently announced Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis will join Lucky Kid for their May 12th event at Hex (fka Queens Social Club). It feels like the start of something big for Breed and its great to have a promotion with so much potential that call Sheffield their home. Hopefully the crowds grow and continue to support them. We’ll be there at their next event for sure.