Sports Team – Deep Down Happy

Considering themselves a band for bored kids, Sports Team have put their observations of Middle England to music, creating 12 tracks of sharp indie-pop. From the moment they arrived onto the scene, the Cambridge formed, London based band seem to be on a mission to make guitar music appealing again and Deep Down Happy does just that

Immediately after pressing play, the band burst straight into action with opener ‘Lander’, name dropping London commuter belt towns of Camberley, Aldershot and Staines. A band who cultivated their sound around their live act, it’s easy to see how Deep Down Happy would translate to a riotous and chaotic Sports Team show.

The middle finger to Conservative Britain takes to the centre on ‘Here’s The Thing’ and ‘Feels Like Fun,’ two songs which carry the feeling of political disillusionment. On ‘Here’s The Thing’ singer Alex Rice is reeling off a list of tired phrases, parroted by the suited establishment or distant relatives and decries them as “lies, lies, lies.” On the latter, Rice muses “I bought a tie, I bought a suit, they saw right through.” With chaotic choruses and blunt, to the point lyrics, the two tracks create a high point on the album.

Well known lively indie anthem ‘Kutcher’ is a kooky and romantic ode to the actor Ashton Kutcher. Dreams of being an MTV star in the mid-noughties also makes an appearance on the album, as does ‘Camel Crew’ a post-punk voyage which takes sarcastic swipes at those who the band consider poseurs.

Since their first EP in 2018, Sports Team hasn’t been shy in hiding their ambition for the band, creating enough buzz to sell-out shows, leading a bus full of fans down to Margate for a seaside show and setting their sights on being indie rock stars. If bringing a voice to the mundane day to day suburbia was Sports Team’s goal then Deep Down Happy certainly achieves this, delivered with galloping rhythms and thumping guitars.

And if you’re bored of the monotony of provincial towns and can’t stand to look at your local Slug and Lettice one more time? Then, as Rice sings on album closer ‘Stations of the Cross’ you could always go to London.