Springbar – Like a Brother

‘Like a Brother’ is the latest release by Northern indie rock band, Springbar, and wow it is a good one. ‘Like a Brother’ is full on and jam-packed with music from all angles. There is a heavy riff with a light melody over top, all with the beat in the background, then throw in some vocals and backing vocals and finally you have Springbar’s latest single.

What makes the song so good is that none of the elements of the song feels forced or put in for the sake of it. They all compliment each other with good chemistry. This makes for a  very fun and upbeat song that you can dance and sing along to. Definitely one for the playlist before a night out with your mates or in the car travelling somewhere exciting.

Springbar have set the bar high with ‘Like a Brother’, it shows not just their individual talents for each of their respective instruments, but also their ability to bring them together to produce a great lively song that doesn’t feel overpowering. I hope they manage to keep this level of talent and production for their future releases as it helps, they stand out for the rest of the pack.