Stafford Galli – We Are Your People

Stafford Galli return after 26 years with their new single ‘We Are Your People’, and it’s a welcome return I have to say. We’re treated to a thoroughly enjoyable folk-rock number, a unified direction and a unified message, plus a stellar and driven vocal performance to boot.

Folk-Rock is somewhat of uncharted water for me, especially in the reviews game, so Stafford Galli’s new release was always going to be received from the perspective of an outsider to their craft. When an artist can still release something you find very enjoyable, and moreover, well-written, its effect is expanded even further. The rallying cries of ‘We Are Your People’ that rasp and roar throughout are innately positive in their message, but also somewhat pleading; perhaps the middle ground between desperation at the current state of affairs, and a thoughtful and driven message of hope. I’m a fan.

Sonically, the textures of the abrasive strings and marching drums blend into the rolling backdrop that Martin Ferguson springboards off of in his vocal delivery. There’s a story to tell, and I’m a fan of the one I’m being told. Perhaps, too often, I jump to the notion of folk-rock being too generic, and too one dimensional.

That preconception just ain’t fair, it turns out, and off the back of ‘We Are Your People’ it’s broadened my understanding and enjoyment of a genre I’ve too long overlooked. It’s dynamic, it sticks with you, and it speaks volumes for what may come next.