Chaos ensured when comedic glam-rock metal band Steel Panther from LA graced the main academy stage in Manchester on Wednesday evening. Hitting the UK as part of their huge world tour. The foursome, often misunderstood due to their tongue in cheeky lyrics and onstage antics played to a sold out crowd and ears were melted as they shimmied, grinded and threw many many shapes around the stage.

To some, this band are purely a piss take of 80’s glam metal, however, to many loyal fans who see through this, there is a hell of a lot of talent there. If Spinal Tap was a band, this would be it. The fans are not just here for the music, it is the full package, the lycra clad, thrusting, jokes about STD’s, drug use, groupies and plenty of sexual references I shall refrain from mentioning, (me mum reads these!).

Their crowd interaction is sublime, and it is more than just a gig, much more, so much that it is difficult to put into words. A sensory overload as soon as they enter the stage, it is quite difficult to focus on just one member of the band, its chaotic, wild and truly like nothing I have experienced before.

Many bands are referenced in the show, you can certainly see the influences from Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Van Halen. Frontman Michael Starr’s voice is pitch perfect as they worked their way through the best of panther which included ‘Ain’t Dead yet’ and ‘Glory Hole’.

The band continue the UK leg of their tour with dates in London, Bristol, Leeds and Belfast. Many of these venues have limited availability so be quick if you want to see these guys in action (you won’t regret it!) Tickets and further information can be found HERE

Set List

  1. Eyes of a Panther
  2. Let Me Cum in
  3. Asian Hooker
  4. All I Wanna do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)
  5. The Burden of Being Wonderful
  6. Friends With Benefits
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Death to all but Metal
  9. 1987
  10. Ain’t Dead Yet
  11. Impromptu Song for a Girl
  12. Girl From Oklahoma
  13. Party All Day (Fuck All Night)
  14. Community Property
  15. Gloryhole