Stepford Wives – All On Me

Returning to the scene with an edgy and polished rebrand, Stepford Wives are sure to not let themselves slip under the radar. Following their two prior singles, ‘I Can’t Fight’ and ‘Follow This Way’, it’s evident that Stepford Wives have seriously delved deep into their sound and exposed their individual style in their latest release, ‘All On Me’.

All On Me’ unites the tenacious romance of 70’s punk and 21st century angst to create a fiercely authentic sound. Riddled with a passionate class of energy, menacing guitar riffs play along counter-melodic bass lines in a distorted ambience of gritty anticipation rising into a post-punk sensation. The pure attitude of the track is unmistakably reminiscent of acts such as The Clash and Sex Pistols- even the vocalist’s voice channels not-so-subtle undertones of the accent-heavy, vernacular style narrative. Sewn together with tightly played drums and extravagant fills, the tracks aura will effortlessly carry the band to great new heights.

Accompanying the track is the band’s fittingly theatrical and ominous video. Styled as though you’re viewing a dramatic interrogation between both the main and backing vocalists, overlaying faded images float in and out of focus, emphasising a hazy dream-like state throughout the eerie production. With the characters centred in the spotlight of a low-lit setting, the video mimics a severe feeling of unease as the vocalist’s character is aggressively pushed and manipulated by a small crowd coming out of the dark whilst their face becomes hidden behind a façade of pale skin and dark, sunken eyes by the hand of a makeup artist. The film pairs with the music incredibly well, both radiating a dark, rebellious feel whilst simultaneously highlighting the artistry in one another.

With ‘All On Me’ cementing the band’s sound, their rebranded future looks promisingly vibrant.

You can catch these guys at the post-lockdown outdoor music festival MMFEST on August 22nd at the Irish Heritage Centre in Manchester amongst a dozen other emerging Northern artists.