Stepford Wives – Living In The Shadows

A smashing blend of indie and post-punk sees Saddleworth’s Stepford Wives explode in their new single ‘Living In The Shadows’.

The band who have been enjoying success up and down the country have released one of the catchiest indie songs I’ve heard this year, that easily mixes together the melancholy vibe of post-punk with a pumped-up chorus of the indie variety.

The grouped vocals and fast guitar playing and not to mention those galloping drum fills really build up the intensity of the overall feel of the track.

The bass is thick with those low guttural notes ringing throughout the verse and adds a funkier touch in comparison to your average consistent post-punk riffs. The continuous guitar chords remind me of early Interpol, which never seem to surrender until the closing moments and set the tempo of the track.

What also differentiates Living In The Shadows from its comparisons is the vocal contributions which take away the moody low-notes of classic and modern post-punk and add a more direct punk sound to it with sheer passion. I guess if you combined Interpol with The Strokes you would have an idea of what to expect.

The drumming on this track is really engaging from the moment you press play with drum rolls bringing you into the verse. From there on it’s cheeky fills and rolls all around you which tells me Stepford Wives have musicians who do not want to waste a moment of the track and simplicity is not in their mindset.

Stepford Wives are writing engaging and exciting post-punk and I hope they continue to grasp my attention like they did with Living In The Shadows.

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