Stereohaze : Drifting Away

Formed in Manchester in 2017, Stereohaze return with the latest single “Drifting Away”. Available everywhere from September 7th, the track recorded and mixed at Electric Church Club by Nick Gizzi. Mastered at All Silk Mastering House, the infectious new single is the sound of Manchester.

Uplifting spirits with it’s indie core, there’s a sense of classic brit-pop bands in the track. Influenced by greats of the past, Stereohaze are creating their own buzz and ‘Drifting Away’ is set to shine them into the future with a fantastic career under their belt.

Glistening with it’s ability to tell a story, the production brings the fairly simple track together. Ready for a stadium, the quartet show that rock and roll will never be dead. Rock music just has a different face every now and then, and the chemistry that Stereohaze deliver through their music proves that it’s found it’s new owner.

After a summer of playing hometown shows and festivals, there’s no surprise that the latest single is going to rocket the band to the top. Only thing I could say about the track perhaps features a different type of section to make the track that little bit less predictable.

Saying that it’s a fierce number that will make your fist bump hit the air with strong power. At RGM, we’re looking forward to following the quartet’s adventure to wherever it may lead them, but we know, it’ll be a brightly coloured future for sure.